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Our Values & Our Engagements

At Zack’s Fried Chicken, from the day we started, we have set strong values in which we believe: simplicity, generosity, and enthusiasm.
Those are values that are shared by men and women working at Zack’s every day. We care for those just as much as they carry us. They live in the engagements that we take.

Our Story

In January 2017, Hassan Abou Zekry who was 24 years old then started Zack’s with the intentions of offering Fresh Fried Chicken to the Egyptians and later to the whole world. In 2018, Ali Abou.Zekry who was 17 years old then Joined His Brother Hassan in the business. Later-on All their relatives and Friends became a part of Zack’s Fried chicken.

The Brothers had no experience or even prior knowledge in the Fast-Food industry. However, They managed to go from 1 retailer in January 2017 to 19 retailers at the end of 2020 with an overall Revenue of almost 20 Million$.

In 2021, The Brothers started to Franchize Zack’s all over Egypt from Cairo to Alexandria passing by Upper Egypt reaching to Sharm El Sheikh up until They reached 30 Retailers. In 2023, After the Huge inflation in Egypt and the dramatic Increase in the Price of chicken fodder, Zack’s decided to go global by looking for investors to take the brand to the International Level.

The first chapter of Zack’s started with Founders coming up with the idea of starting a restaurant with very limited resources, the concept: bringing fresh food with high quality, non-greasy and worth what customer pay since that the challenge started

On the 13th of January, the first branch opens in 6th of October City, City Star Mall. This modest restaurant was the start of our adventure. The concept is new and innovative, everyone talks about Zack’s Fried Chicken in the first weeks after the opening.

A year of expansion since 2018 started we had a plan to expand over Cairo Zack’s opened the second branch at Dandy Mega Mall, then one month later we had the third branch which was on 5th settlement, three months later we opened the central kitchen at 6th of October industrial section on October we opened the 4th branch which located at Nasr City Tiba Mall.

It was a year of responsibilities as we are growing massively we were careful to provide the same values to our customers because it is a priority for us, we have opened 3 more branches and a new central kitchen distributed as the following on May we opened Roxi branch which is the largest fast food restaurant in Egypt, then on September we opened El-Haram branch and two months later we opened Maadi branch at the courtyard then on December we opened the new central kitchen.

It will be a year of invasion as the plan in 2020 is aggressive more than ever, Zack’s decided to invade the market in the greater Cairo and Alexandria with 12 branch by the end of the year we own 19 branch, accordingly we will open 4 branches each quarter, and w will open within the 1st quarter four branches are located as the following: Al-Ahram Mall branch at Hdayak El Ahram, Il Mercato Sharm El Shiekh Branch – Dokki branch at Michael bakhoum – Syria St, Mohandseen ), we are working hard to achieve the vision that we are following.

In 2021, The Brothers started to Franchize Zack’s all over Egypt from Cairo to Alexandria passing by Upper Egypt reaching to Sharm El Sheikh up until They reached 30 Retailers.

Zack’s changed the management and decided to go global.

In January, Zack’s added another franchise to the portfolio, and it’s located in Cairo at the International Garden in Nasr City. Then in an ongoing process of looking for investors.


Since the first opening in January 2017, Zack’s Fried Chicken grows its uniqueness by caring about the ingredients chosen to make your meals, but also by its will of providing quality of the product and impeccable service to you.

We seek to offer you the best, and this starts with executing procedures that respect the requirements of national regulations. We establish numerous inspections from the choice of raw materials to your consumption. Traceability, bill of specifications, multiple controls… Zack’s works continuously, and in a joint effort with its suppliers, to guarantee food security and use irreproachable ingredients in our recipes.

In Zack’s, our raw materials are of course selected based on quality. Those high expectations regarding this pushes us to work hand in hand with local suppliers who provide us the best of their production.

Good recipes are made with good products, and this is the reason why Zack’s Fried Chicken applies a strict control over the material that are used in its kitchens. Every day, Zack’s and its suppliers commit to guaranteeing food security at any stage by respecting safety norms and technical requirements.

Each one of those quality standards in our restaurants are submitted to ACERTA Middle East for complete external controls on hygiene and quality, as well as being controlled internally with temperature, “Best before” dates and other checkings for a constant quality.


Zack’s Fried Chicken has its heart set on offering better and tastier food to you. Efforts to bring more balance in your meals have been completed thanks to actions directly targeted on the nutritional values of items in the menu.

To match the needs of everyone, we also introduced a kids menu in addition to regular menus – providing a meal of a size adapted to children’s needs and containing a juice instead of soda.


With hundreds of colleagues working for the brand, and the opening of new branches every year, recruitment and training play a major part in Zack’s.

Since the beginning, the Zack’s expertise rests upon the transmission of knowledge in food service: hygiene, customer services, security and quality. This knowledge is passed on from the first day of every worker, regardless his or her post.

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